Swipe Card Patient Check In

Mary Jane -

You are able to set up a computer terminal in your reception area or have a tablet on hand to provide to your patients/clients as they enter the clinic to check in.

Go to Settings>General>System>System>Other>Swipe Card Login. Set this field to Yes.


Then go to Settings>General>System>System>Scheduling>Patient Arrivals Section and set up the fields you see in this image.


The patient/client simple uses their swipe card or types their name into the Name field and they are automatically checked in.

Set the terminal up for Arrivals

In the above image you will see a "Link" field.  That is the link you will put in a new browser tab for Patients/Clients to check in.

The clinic will select "Reception".


 Then you will see this page.


The patient will either Swipe or type in their name at this stage then they will see this page. 


 The appointment block will show the patient appointment block as Arrived.









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