Importing From Booker to Juvonno

Mary Jane -

Follow along to export from Booker to Juvonno.


Exporting Customers from Booker

To export Customers/Patients from Booker, navigate to the Customers Tab.

Next click ‘View all Customers’.

Lastly, click ‘Export to a CSV file' on the left sidebar.

A new window will appear letting you know that the export is in progress, be sure to click Ok. After the export is complete you will receive an email alerting you that the customer export is ready for download.

Download the file by clicking on the first link in the Customer Export section.

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Exporting Appointments from Booker

To export appointments, use the Report Tab. Open and run the report by clicking on the export icon and selecting a file format of CSV or Excel.

The file will then export and download. Open the report from the downloads folder in your browser or on your local system.

Don’t forget to export your future appointments as well as your past appointments.

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