Importing From to Juvonno

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Follow along to export from software to Juvonno.


Exporting Patients from

The Patient/Customer list is exported on the ‘Administration Tab'.

On the Administration Tab, look for your ‘Customer Admin’ area and choose ‘Export Customer’. This will push a Microsoft Excel document with all of your listed customers.

Be sure to keep all the columns in this exported document.


Exporting Appointments from

The appointment export can be found on the ‘Reports Tab'. On the Reports Tab, select ‘Schedule Report’.

At times this export can seem slow because of the amount of data being extracted. If you are timed out be sure to break your appointments down by year or smaller date ranges. Export these files separately and be sure to use the same filters when exporting.

Be sure include both past and future appointments in the appointment export.

If you would like to move over canceled, pending or approved appointments be sure to use the checkbox filters before exporting.

Use the “Check All” button to opt into all the information attached to the appointment.

Click “Create Excel Report”

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