Patients Reports (filtered by Email, etc.)

Mary Jane -

This report is great for specific searches.

If you want a report with all patient emails this is the report you should use.


Go to the Patient tab.

Select the Advanced Search option.

Select Filter.

Click the down arrow.

A list of fields that you can sort by will appear.

You are able to select more than 1 Filter.



After selecting the Search button a list of patients within those search results will appear at the bottom of the page.


You will also see options to print reports located in the middle right side of the page.


We suggest you use the excel version.  You are able to manipulate the report, sort, add or remove columns and rows.


Patient Email List

From the drop down options select "Email".

Under the "Is Like" field select  the "Greater Than" option.


Then select Search.

You will be able to select the excel icon option and print the report.




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