Importing From Acuity to Juvonno

Mary Jane -

Follow along to export from Acuity Scheduling software.

Exporting Patients from Acuity

Navigate to the Appointments > Import/Export section. Then click on the button that says ‘Export Client List to Excel’. Use the drop-down list to limit the number of clients exported by when their last appointment was.

  • Client Name
  • Client Email
  • Client Phone #
  • Notes
  • Days since last appointment


Exporting Appointments

Navigate to Appointments > Import/Export section. Then click on ‘Export Appointments & Forms to Excel’. Choose from the following options before exporting to CSV.

  • Chose date range
  • Include canceled appointments
  • Include intake forms

Finish by clicking on ‘Export Appointment to Excel’ and the file will download as a CSV file.

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