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NOTE: If you are creating Test claims you must read the section on "Test Claims".  After your submission to MB has been approved you can then use these directions for creating claims.

How to create a claim

There are several ways to create a claim.

  1. From the Home page>Billing tab you can create a manual Claim. Click the down arrow beside the Quick Invoice button located in the top right corner of the page.



2. From a patient’s appointment on the schedule.



3. From Accounting>Billing Section>New Claim or Under the Manitoba Health section select "New Claim".



 How to create a manual Claim

1. From the Home page select the Billing tab. Click the down arrow beside the Quick Invoice button and select New Claim.  The New Claim screen will pop up.

2. The Invoice Date can be set to default to the current date.  To set this up go to Settings>Geneal>System>Accounting>Billing section>New Claim Date field and set to "Today" then Save.



Now create a claim.  The date will default to the current day’s date.



To change the invoice date (THIS IS NOT THE APPOINTMENT DATE), use the arrow keys and click on the calendar icon to open it and select an invoice date.



"Patient Details" section, enter the Patient's Name or date of birth and select the patient from the drop-down list.

To add a new patient press the down arrow at the end of the Patient Name field and select New. The Quick Patient creation input box will open.

"Appointment Details" section, if your clinic has only one practitioner, the practitioner’s name will default, or start typing the name of a practitioner for the claim.  (If the clinic only has one practitioner they can be set as a default to reduce the steps. This setting is within Administrator profiles only on their General page, Default Practitioner field.)

The Appointment Date will default to the current if you have your system settings to do so.  If not select the date of the Appointment.

ICD Code field: Enter the ICD Code.

In the Add Tariff date, adjust the date for a backdated appointment.

"Claim Details" section.  Make sure Manitoba Health is selected in the "Billed to" portion.


"Tariff Section"


Dates: Time start and end time relates to tariffs related to after-hours claims.

Select a Tariff in the Tariff field by typing a Fee code # in the field or selecting the Go button that will open a popup for you to search and select from the menu.

Hot Links option: Hotlinks for frequently used tariffs can be set up by going to Accounting>Module Settings>Enter the Tariffs. You can also set up a default ICD Code in this section. Save. The Tariff will populate the cost of the appointment and move the details to the left side of the page under the Appointment Details section.

Example of the Go button popup search page



Finally press the Add button to add the tariff to the claim.


When all the details are entered for the claim select "Save".


Create a Claim from a patients appointment on the schedule

Click the patient's appointment block on the schedule and select Claim Appointment. The patient’s information will populate to the claim form.

The process is the same as a manual claim.


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