Patient General Section

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Add the patient name, address, contact information and more.

Chart #: Be careful not to enter the Health Care # in this field as it will start your next chart after the number you enter.

Health Care #: Enter this number for Provinces where it is required.

PHIN #: This item is required for Manitoba only.

Residence Code: Set up under Settings>Residence Codes (Ontario)

Home, Work, Cell #: Enter the number's you have and select which will be the default.  If the patient will be receiving Text Reminders make sure you select the Cell  # as the Default. If the patient would be receive an automated robo call reminder ensure you have selected the Home # or the Cell number as the default.

Upload a Picture: You can upload an image of the patient if you have it saved on your computer.

Default Practitioner: This is optional, select the default practitioner if you want to perform searches and create patient reports based on this field.

Default Clinic: If there a Default Clinic set the invoice and chart location will default to what you have selected.  If there is no Default Clinic set the invoice and chart  will default to the information entered under Settings>General>Company information.

Group: These are set up under Settings>Patient Groups.  You have the option to 1 group per patient.  You can use this for sorting your patients by Groups, using the field to base a discount on.  For Example, you have a Seniors patient group set up. You can apply a discount to the Seniors Group.





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