Telus - Patient Insurance Set up

Mary Jane -

1. Open the Patient profile, open the Insurance tab.

2. Create a New Insurance item or Edit an existing record.

Ensure you have the correct Policy, Certificate, ID #'s etc. or the claim will show errors.

You do not have to enter "Policy Rules" for the patient as Telus automatically calculates what the patient coverage will be.  NOTE: There may be an instance where you have to manually bill Telus in which case you could enter the policy rules for your records.

Juvonno sends the claim to Telus as 100%, through the Complete and Invoice process Telus responds with the coverage they provide.

Policy Rules: Coverage Type Field

a. TELUS Health eClaims

This is the standard selection to bill Telus through Juvonno.  The invoice gets submitted 100%. When submitting the claim Telus will immediately respond what is covered by insurance and what the patient portion is owed to the clinic.


b. Telus Health eClaims - Category Coverage 


Select this option if you want to manually track Category Coverage.

The Categories would first have been set up under Settings>Product & Service Categories.

You will obtain the details for this section by contacting the individual insurance companies. Keep in mind the patient could be using coverage elsewhere in between visits.  Therefore, the # in Juvonno may not always be accurate.

Enter the % of coverage etc. beside each Category.




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