Portal Login & Book an Appointment Process

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The patient will enter their username and Password and be directed to the Welcome page.


a. Book an Appointment: Select a clinic location, select to View All practitioners or select a specific practitioner by clicking on their photo/name. 


You also have the option to search for a practitioner using the search fields.


Select a date from the calendar.

Select a service located down the left side of the page.


The time frames the practitioner is available will appear highlighted on the calendar.


Select a time by clicking on the highlighted area of the calendar.

You are directed to the "Confirm Appointment Request" page.


View the Consent and select that Yes to confirm you have read it.

Leave us a message: The patient is able to type a custom message that will appear on the appointment block on the clinic schedule.  View the appointment on the schedule to read the "Memo" field.

Select to "Confirm Appointment".

You are directed to the Thank You for booking your appointment page.

If you have set your system to Pending Appointments it will appear on your clinic schedule under the "Pending" tab.

Patient goes back to the Home page and will see their appointment either confirmed under "Upcoming Appointments" or it will "Pending".



The patient will have the option to Cancel the appointment depending on the Hours Prior to cancel you selected under the Settings.









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