Charts - Create a Complaint

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You're able to create a complaint and attach it to a chart. 

You can create a Complaint from the Patient Profile, Intake Form tab and from the Patient Chart tab, select the Intake tab and create a Complaint.


1. First create the complaint

Go to the patient Intake Tab. Under the Complaints Section select +Add or open the patient profile, Chart tab, +Add or Open an existing chart to locate the Complaints section.




Complete the details for the Complaint and Save.juvonno_complaints_2.JPG



After you Save the complaint it will be displayed across the top of the patients General Page.



Go to the Patient's Chart tab.  Select to create a new chart.  The Complaint will appear on the top right side of the page for you to select and attach to the chart.


After you Save the chart, the complaint will appear in the tag line of the description of chart along with the Date & Name of the Practitioner who created the chart.  You are also able to perform searches for complaints.









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