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The portal must be enabled in order to have access to it as a patient.

Go to Settings>General>System>Portal>General Section.  The  Enabled field must be set to Yes.

 To view the patient portal click on the "Take Me There" option from your Juvonno log in page.


Depending on the settings you have selected under Settings>General>System>Portal, buttons, links and features will appear to the patient before and after they log in.

The login, Book an Appointment, Programs, Signup, Login buttons will appear on the Welcome landing page if enabled.




Signup Button (Optional)

This button will appear if it has been enabled.  You do not have to show this option if you only want Existing Patients to acess the on-line booking system.

a. Existing Patients

In order for these patients to create a Password, they must have an email address on their Patient Profile.

From under the Patient Portal Access tab you will select the "Click Here" button to send the invitation.  The invitation will be active for 3 days for the patient to create their own password to access the on-line booking system.


b. Existing Patients and New Patients

Patients will select the Signup button and select the option related to them.


Existing Patients:


New Patients:

The full registration page will open. Patients must enter information in the fields with the asterisks.

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