Add Warnings for Patients

Mary Jane -

There are several places you can add warnings.

1. Patient Profile / Warning field

You can add a Warning on the Patient General Page. This appears when you book an appointment for the patient. It pops up with the Warning you added and advises you if the patient has an outstanding balance.

2. Appointment block Reason field

A warning for an individual appointment could be added in the appointment popup "Reason" field and will appear on the schedule block.

3. Patient Profile / Intake tab

Open the patient profile, click the Intake tab, Medical Warning section, select to "Add" a Medical Warning. The Medical Warning tab in the patients Chart tab will turn Red to draw attention to it.

4. Patient Profile / Charts / Medical Warning

Open the patient profile, Charts, select the "Add" button to create a new chart. Click the Medical Warning tab, select the "Add" button to create a new Warning.

5. Patient General Page as a Complaint

If you want an alert to be on the Patients General page appearing at the top of the profile you can add a Complaint. From the Patient profile open the Intake form and select to Add a Complaint.

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