How to Create Patient Charts

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1. Copy Last Chart TemplateYou cannot copy Notes.

2. Copy Last Custom Chart Template - If you are using custom charts and an edit has been made to the original template from Settings, Form & Chart templates you will have to create a new chart for the patient you cannot copy the chart in this case.

3. Practitioners are able to copy ONLY their own charts.

4. Administrators are unable to copy a chart.

5. Due to college requirements you are unable to delete a chart once you have saved it. 

6. When editing charts the system creates a new version each time you edit and save the document.

7. You must be logged into your Practitioner Profile to chart patients and see the "Chart" tab on your dashboard. 

8.  While in a patient chart, on the left side of the page you will see a list of the last 5 and next 5 appointments the patient booked.


Practitioner Profile Setup for Charting 

Select Pre-built Charts to be used in patients profiles

You must select the charts each Practitioner and/or Administrator will be using. Typically Administrators don't chart patients however Admin users are able to select chart to view them in the patient profile.

1. Go to Settings>Practitioners or Administrators.

2. Open the Employee profile>Chart tab.

3. If you have created any custom chart templates they will appear at the top of the page under the Custom Form Editor section.

4. Check the boxes beside all Charts the employee will be using.

Show the Cart Tab on the dashboard

a. While in the Practitioner profile locate the field that reads "Track Appointment Charting". Set this to Yes.  A Chart tab will appear on your dashboard when you're logged in. You will be able to see previous charts and create a new chart from this page.

b. Locate the "Charting Start Date".  Set the date you want to view patients who were seen in the clinic under the Chart tab until you remove them from the list after confirming you have charted on them.



Practitioners should log in using their Practitioner Username and Password to ensure the chart default name appears correctly and that you are able to Copy Last Chart Template.

If you don't see a chart in the patient profile you want to use make sure you have it checked off by opening your employee profile and going to the "Chart" tab. Check the box beside the chart and Save.


Create a Complaint to add to a Chart

You're able to attach a specific complaint to a chart.  The complaint will appear in the tag line of the description of chart along with the Date & Name of the Practitioner who created the chart.  You are also able to perform searches for complaints.

1. First create the complaint

a. Open a Patient profile and go to the patients Intake tab.  In the Complaints section, select "+Add" to create a new complaint.                                           

b. From the Patient Chart tab, select "Add" to create a new chart.  In the top Selft section under the Complaint History section select the "+Add" option to add a Complaint.


5. When you Save and view the chart you will see the Complaint on the chart identifier line.


Create a Chart in a patients profile

1. Go to the Patients profile>select Charts>Add.

2. The Charts you have selected under your profile will appear under the Observations tab.

3 Complete the chart details. Attach a complaint if it's applicable. Select Apply Changes button to save as you go. 

4. Select the Save button when you have completed the chart.

5. The Chart will save under the Chart tab. You will have a few options after saving. You can Edit/View Chart, Add a Document, Add a Note and Lock the chart.

6. Create a PDF file by selecting the Export to PDF option located in the top right corner of the page.  Click the down arrow beside the "Add" button.

7. You can Fax a chart if you have the module enabled on your system.


Copy Last Chart Template

1. Open the patient profile, Chart tab. 

2. Select the "Add" option.  The Copy Last Chart Template option will appear at the top of the popup.

3. Select Copy Last Chart Template.

How to add a document to a chart

1. Open the patients profile.

2. Select Charts.

3. Open the Chart you want to attach the document to.

4. Select the document tab.

5. Browse for the document you have upload to your computer.

Where to locate the chart option throughout the site

1. From the patients appointment scheduled on the Home page. You can access previous charts or select new chart.

2. Under the Patients Profile, Chart tab.

3. Open the Quick patient look up tab located on the right hand side of the Home page. Charts are located at the bottom of the popup window.

4. From the Charting tab located on the Home page (this tab only appears when you are logged in as a Practitioner if you have it enabled under your practitioner profile).


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