Alberta Updating Tariffs

Mary Jane -


You are able to upload the latest Tariffs / Service codes into your system yourself.

While logged into Juvonno go to Accounting.
In the Alberta Health Section click on Imports.

You will see 5 import types: 

1) Diagnostic Code List
2) Explanatory Code LIst
3) Price List
4) Service Codes/Tariffs
5) Skill Codes/Practitioner Types

Click on the link to the section you want to update for Example, select Service Codes.
Standard Filename field: Shows the name for the file you need to upload.
Choose File: You would have gone to the Alberta Health website and downloaded the latest Codes.  Locate the file from your computer.

WARNING:  If you have deleted or added any items manually in your system this upload will override those items.

To Edit Tariffs go to Settings, Tariffs.


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