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Staff members are able to book and request holidays through Juvonno.

a. While the staff member is logged into their profile, go to Settings>Staff section>Holiday Calendar, select Request a Holiday.

b. In the Scheduling Away popup, enter the details of the holiday time and Save.  The staff member can then go to Settings, Practitioners, click the down arrow beside their name and select the Holiday option to see a listing of holidays they have requested, what is pending, approved etc.

NOTE: The options under the Status field (approve, decline) can be restricted based on the employees User Type.

c. The staff who are able to approve vacation would be logged in their own administrator profile, go to Settings, Practitioners or Administrators, click the down arrow beside the employee name, select the Holiday option and see a list of holidays the individual staff member has requested.  Click the icon to the left of the item and select Approve, Decline etc.

NOTE: The employee should notify the appropriate Manager that they have requested a Holiday so the Manager can approve or decline the request.  Currently you do not receive an automated notification of a request or response for this feature.

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