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Staff members are able to book and request holidays as follows:

a. You can use the "Holiday Calendar" feature or you can schedule a Holiday or Day off using an Away.

b. Scheduling a "New Away".

c. From Settings>Practitioners.


a. From Settings>Holiday Calendar

While logged into your profile, go to Settings>Staff section>Holiday Calendar. then select the "Request a Holiday" button located in the top right corner of the page.


You will get this Scheduling/Away popup.


To view a listing of Holidays, request a Holiday, see Pending and Approved Holdiays go to Settings, Practitioners, click the down arrow beside the practitioner name and select "Holiday".

c. From Settings>Practitioners

Go to Settings>Practitioners

Click the down arrow to the left of the Practitioner Name and select Holidays.  



You will be directed to a list of Holidays.

Staff who have access to approve vacation will be logged in their own administrator profile.  Then, go to Settings>Practitioners or Administrators.  Click the down arrow to the left of the employee name, select the Holiday option.  You will see a list of holidays the individual staff member has requested. 

Click the icon to the left of the item and select Approve, Decline etc.

NOTE: The options under the Status field (approve, decline) can be restricted based on the employees User Type. Settings>User Types.

NOTE: The employee should notify the appropriate Manager they have requested a Holiday so the Manager can approve or decline the request.  Currently there is no automated notification of a request or response for this feature.

b. From an Away

From the schedule view, click the down arrow beside Practitioner name and select "New Away".


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