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Go through the fields and Enable or Disable features that may or may not apply to your business.

Treatment Plans: HCAI Ontario clinics.

Documents: Save documents in patients profile.

Charts: Allows practitioners access to pre-built charts that can be selected within practitioner profiles. These charts will then be accessible in patients profile under their Chart tab.

FOTO Outcome: You can block users from viewing patient profile while offsite. You will have access to a link from the Patient Profile, Chart tab where you can log into FOTO outcome measures with a username and password you received from FOTO.

Faxing:  Fax Documents, Prescriptions, Encounters and Invoices. This is a paid module.

Follow-up Calls: This tab is displayed on the Home page dashboard.

HCAI Integration: Ontario clinics.

Help: Link to the system help section. To access the link go to the Home Page, click the down arrow beside your name in the top right corner of the page and select Help.

Instant Messaging:  Allows you to chat with co-workers within the clinic.

Inventory Tracking: Allows you to track Inventory. The tab will appear under a Product & Service item after you have created the item.

Labs & Lab Tests: This link will appear in the patient’s profile.

Letters: The link will appear under the Settings tab and on the Settings>Practitioner page. Letters can be created from the Settings page as well as through the Practitioner page.

Loyalty Points: Enable this field for patients to redeem points for products & services. Also go to Settings>General>System tab>Accounting Tab. Scroll down to the Loyalty Program section and enable the program fields. The Loyalty tab also appears as a link in the Patients profile. This option will appear as a payment type when checking out a patient and deduct the dollars per points earned against their balance owing and automatically calculate it.

Optometry dispensing: Optometry clinics only.

Mobile App (iPhone/iPad): Allows access to the system using these devices. Must also be turned on within User Types. Go to Settings>User Types. Click the blue icon to the left of an existing item or create a new User Type, scroll down to the Mobile App section and enable the Allow Login field.

Prescriptions: Enables a prescription link within the patient’s profile.

Patient Discounts: Discounts link will appear in patient profiles.

Print Batching: Enables a print batching link you will find under Home>Accounting tab.

Programs: Enables Programs. As an example you can create a yoga class for 8 attendees and track the entire program. Programs can also be booked and tracked using the patient portal.

Waiting List: The tab will appear on the Home page.

Webmail: Go webmail appears under Practitioner’s profiles. Emails sent and received that include a patient’s email address will be stored in Patient Profiles under their Correspondence tab. The patients must have a valid email address on their General page. If you are enabling this section also go to the Email and Reminders tab and ensure you set the Save Outgoing Mail and Save Incoming Mail to Yes.

Vendors: Enables a link on the Settings page to enter vendors you purchase supplies, products from. Optometry clinics: go to the Settings tab. From below the View heading select Products & Services. When you create a New Lens Item & New Frame Items, within that item you will also see a Vendors tabs.

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