Patients: Upcoming Appointment list & Schedule Icon

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Go to Reports, Scheduling Section.

Patient Appointments.

Set your parameters. 

If you want to include upcoming appointments select a date into the future.


Show Upcoming Appointments on Invoices

Follow these setps to print Upcoming Appointments at the bottom of the patients invoice.

Go to Settings>General>System>System>Other section.

Locate the Show Upcoming Appointments on Invoices and set it Yes then Save.


System Settings

To set the system to print the Upcoming Appointments in PDF follow these steps.

1. Go to Settings>General>System>Scheduling.

2. From below the Dashboard section locate the Upcoming Appointment link field, set it to PDF.



3. From below the Appointment Menu Links section, locate the Upcoming Appointments field, select Yes then Save.


You can print patient upcoming appointments as follows:

a. From the Quick Patient Look Up button on the Home page located vertically on the right side of the page.



Click the Upcoming Appointments button then the print icon.


b. Patient appointment block on the schedule

Click the patient appointment block on the schedule, select View Appointments, a PDF pops, select the print icon.

c. Reports: Patient Appointments

1. Go to the Reports tab>Scheduling heading - Patient Appointments.

2. Enter the date range & name of patient.

3. The upcoming appointment list will open, click the print icon.


Show Upcoming Appointment icon on the schedule

You can show a clock icon on the schedule block indicating the patient has an upcoming appointment.

Go to Settings>General>System>Scheduling>Appointment Display section.

Locate the the Upcoming Appointment Icon field and set it to Yes then Save.





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