Recurring Appointments (Booking and Cancelling)

Mary Jane -

How do I book a Recurring Appointments

1. Click a time on the schedule to book an appointment. The Appointment pop up will open.

2. Locate the field that reads "Recurring" and select "Yes". You have several options to further define the details of the recurring appointment, start and end dates, frequency and the day of the week.




3. After you book the recurring appointments you will get an appointment conflict report that indicates if there are other appointments booked at that time.  

NOTE:  If you close the conflict report window you cannot produce the report again.


4. You are able to click the green icon to the left of the item to view more options. View Appointment, Other times that day and Cancel.


5.  You can also select the Appointments Report option located in the top right corner of the page to create a pdf of the patients upcoming appointments.


This is a sample of the upcoming appointment report.



How do I cancel a recurring appointment?

1. Click the appointment block and select "Cancel".


2. You'll have an option to cancel only the appointment you click on or select a box to "Cancel all remaining appointments".

3. Select "Cancel Appointment" to save the update.

Recurring cancel appointment 2.PNG

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