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How to set up Worker's Compensation Plan, ICBC (Insurance Corporation of BC) and MSP (Medical Services Plan) to submit through Teleplan


The Teleplan system allows clinics to submit WCB, ICBC and MSP claims electronically.

You must first set up insurance in the patient's profile.


How to set up insurance for a patient

1.  Go to Settings/Third Party Companies/New Third Party Company.

2. Add a new insurance record for ICBC Save.

3. Add a new insurance record for WCB Save.




1. Open the patient’s profile and select the Insurance tab.

2. Select BC Health as the "Biller".

3.  Select the Provider as ICBC enter policy ID etc. and Save.

4.  Follow the same steps for WCB.

You do not have to set up an insurance record for MSP.



How to create a claim from a patients appointment for WCB to submit to Teleplan

1. Click the patient's appointment on the schedule and select Claim.


  • Injury Area and Injury Natures are set up under Settings>Injury Area or Injury Nature.
  • You can open each link and add your own injury area and nature.


See British Columbia Create a Claim section. 



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