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System Settings

Go to Settings, General, System, Accounting, Billing section.

BC Health Default Bill to Field set to: Pay Patient Opted Out when you want Teleplan to pay the clinic directly.  Save.

Practitioner, Payee and Clinic Numbers

1. Go to Settings>Practitioners>Open the practitioner profile.

2. On the General tab, Practitioner & Payee fields enter the #'s.

3. The Payee field is the account number payments will be received into from Teleplan.

Bc billing practitioner payee number.JPG

Where to enter Clinic numbers

1. Go to Settings>General>System.

2. You will be on the Accounting tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill in the Clinic numbers. The number usually starts with a t. It's generally 5 numbers.  You receive this number from Teleplan.

Bc billing tetra numbers settings general accounting.JPG


How to set up Workman's Compensation Plan, ICBC (Insurance Corporation of BC) and MSP (Medical Services Plan) to submit through Teleplan

The Teleplan system allows clinics to submit WCB , ICBC and MSP claims electronically.

You must first set up insurance in the patients profile.

How to set up insurance for a patient

1.  Go to Settings/Third Party Companies/New Third Party Company.

2. Add a new insurance record for ICBC Save.

3. Add a new insurance record for WCB Save.


1. Open the patient’s profile and select the Insurance tab.

2. Select BC Health as the "Biller".

3.  Select the Provider as ICBC enter policy ID etc. and Save.

4.  Follow the same steps for WCB.

You do not have to set up an insurance record for MSP.

How to create a claim from a patients appointment for WCB to submit to Teleplan

1. Click the patients appointment on the schedule and select Claim.

2. The Injury Area and Injury Natures will be set up by Juvonno in your system.

3. The Injury Area and Injury Natures section is located by going to Settings>Injury Area or Injury Nature.

4. You can open each link and add your own injury area and nature.


See How to create a claim below.


Signing up for Teleplan

All the forms you need through Teleplan can be found using this link directly to Teleplan.

These are the forms you may need:

You need to register your location and receive a data centre/clinic number. You can either sign up as a Solo Practice or you can get a Clinic Number.

  • Opted Out Enrollment (Supplementary Benefits Providers - e.g. Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Care)
  • Opted-In Enrollment Form (Medical physicians covered through MSP - e.g. MDs).
  • Application for Direct Deposit - Application for Direct Bank Payment Form
  • MSP Practitioner Number - Practitioner Registration Form (Naturopaths, Massage Therapists, Optometrists, Acupuncturists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists)
  • Joining a Clinic - Assignment of Payment

Teleplan Contact Information:

Vancouver, BC - 604.456.6950

BC Toll Free - 1.866.456.6950

Medical Services Plan Guide

How to create a claim

There are two areas where you can claim an appointment:

A. From the Accounting tab you can create a manual Claim.

B. From a patient’s appointment.

A. How to create a manual Claim

1. Go to the Accounting>New Claim.

2. The New Claim screen will pop up.

3. The Invoice Date will default to the current day’s date. To change the invoice date (THIS IS NOT THE APPOINTMENT DATE), use the arrow keys and click on the calendar icon to open it and select an invoice date.

4. On the left side of the screen you will see Patient Name field. Type the patient's name or date of birth on the patient line and select the patient from the drop down list.


To add a new patient click the down arrow located at the end of the Patient Name field. The Quick Patient creation input box will open.

BC Health requires the information for the fields with an asterisk.

5. Adjust the date for a back dated appointment, and finally press the Add button to add the tariff to the claim.

6. From the Appointment Details section, If your clinic has only one practitioner, the practitioner’s name will default.

If your clinic has more than one practitioner, select the correct Practitioner by typing in the name on the practitioner line. (If the clinic only has one practitioner they can be set as a default to reduce the steps)

7. Review the claim page to ensure everything is entered then select Save.

B. Create a Claim from a patients appointment on the schedule

1. Click the patients appointment block on the schedule and select Claim. The patient’s information will populate to the claim screen.

The process is the same as manual claim.

How to create a submission file for Teleplan

1. Go to Accounting>Generate Submission.

2. For the first time using GoHealth you'll be required to enter a sequence number. This would be the next sequence number that would come up if you were to submit a claim.

3. Go to your previous claims submitted. Find the very last sequence number and enter what the next sequence number would be in the Override Sequence Number field in the Submission Summary popup. Example: last sequence number was 114555 the sequence number you enter will be 114556.

4. Select Create Submission. The document created will save under the Documents tab on your Gohealth system.

5. Click the blue icon to the left of item and select Download.

6. Select Save File and press OK. The file will save to your computer. This is the file you upload when logged into Teleplan.

How to send a submission file through Teleplan

1. Log into Teleplan with your Teleplan username and password. This is where you upload the document you created in GoHealth.

2. Click Send Claims and locate the file on your computer.

3. Select Send File. The claims will automatically be submitted to Teleplan.

How to see remittances in Teleplan

1. Log into Teleplan with your username and password.

2. Select Retrieve Remittance.

3. Leave All selected.

4. Click Retrieve and the file will download.

6. The name of the file will appear at the bottom of your screen.

Juvonno Office Process

1. Log into Juvonno Office and click on the Accounting tab.


3. In the window that opens press the Browse button.

4. On the left side of the window that opens up, click on Desktop.

5. On the right side of the screen scroll down until you find the BC Health folder and click on the icon.

6. Select the remittance file you just downloaded by clicking on it.

7. Press the Open button.

8. Press the Send File button.

9. The Remittance is now being applied against your outstanding claims.

10. The patient claim can be found by opening the Patients profile, go to the History link then click the Claims tab.

How to find a report in GoHealth

1. Go to Accounting>Reports.

2. Click the Report link.

3. Select Remittances and edit the fields.

4. Select Create.

Note: When there are errors on a claim a yellow warning icon will appear beside the item. Hover over the warning to read it.

Sequence Errors

If you run into a sequence error these are the steps to follow:

1. Go to Accounting then Claims Submissions (button beside Generate Submission).

2. Find the last submission file (generally the top, first file in the list), hover over the file and Delete the file.

3. Check the Last Sequence # for the previous claim file and write it down.

4. Go to Accounting then Generate Submission.

5. In the Override Sequence # box enter the next sequence # required. (Add one to the sequence # your wrote down. For example if you wrote down 2000 the sequence number you enter will be 2001).

6. Generate submission file.

Rejected Claims & Codes

NOTE: BC Health is always revising their rejected claim codes.

When a claim is rejected you will find a rejection code within the claim. You need to adjust claims before resubmitting them.


Rejection Process:

1. Go to Accounting>Appointment claims.

2. Set the Status: to Rejected

3. Set your date range to ensure it covers the range the rejected claims would fall within and press Search.

4. Click the blue icon to the left of the item you want to work on and select Open Claim.

5. Rejection codes and explanation will be found in the bottom right corner.

6. Hover over the code to see why it was rejected.

7. Most rejected claims show a code 44 indicating the patient's demographics are incorrect. If this is the case click on the Edit Patient link beside their name and Edit.

8. Select the Resubmit button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

9. When you've updated all the rejected claims go to the claims search page.

10. When the next submission is sent these claims will automatically be resubmitted.

11. If you are unsure as to why a claim has been rejected you can print the Query form for the claim by clicking on the Query form link in the left side of the claim screen below the patient demographics.

Where to find Submitted claim rejection codes/reason

1. Go to Accounting>Appointment Claims.

2. Under the Status field select Rejected.

3. Click the blue icon to the left of the item and select Open/View claim.

Claims submitted rejection codes 2.JPG


Claims submitted rejection codes.JPG

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