Batch Bill to HCAI

Mary Jane -

1. Go to Accounting>Print Batching>Create Batch Invoices.

2. A pop up will open. Give the batch a name.

3. Select the end date.

4. Include $0.00 transactions (this is for submitting the block billing $0.00 invoices for appointment tracking purposes).

5. Click the Third Parties button and select the insurance company from the Third Parties drop down menu.

6. Click Add.

7. Select Create Batch. A confirmation pop up will appear.  Confirm.

8. A popup will appear confirming the batch was created.

9. You'll be able to select a "Click Here" link for print options.

10. When you select "Click Here" you'll be directed to the list of created batch invoices where other options will become available.

11.  Click the blue icon to left of the item and select "Submit Batch Electronically". A popup will open.  Select the "Submit All Outstanding" button.

12. The Batch will switch from Pending to Submitted.


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