Check Out an HCAI patient

Mary Jane -

Make sure you have exhausted the patient Extended Health Care insurance first.

After the EHC has been exhausted you could add a Descriptor, for example "Exhausted" in the Patient Insurance item for your own reference.

TIP: To add a descriptor, open the Patient Profile, edit the Insurance record, under the Policy Details section, Descriptor field, enter the descriptor and Save.


1. When the patients appointment is finished and you're ready to create the invoice. Click the patients appointment block on the schedule.

2. Select Complete and Invoice.

3. Insurance field: Ensure the correct "MVA" insurer is selected.

4. Click Check out then "Close".

5. The status of these invoices will remain AR and are ready to be batch billed to HCAI.

TIP: To make sure the correct MVA insurer is selected, you can add a Descriptor field to the insurance record you created in the Patient Profile under the Insurance tab, Policy Details section.



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