Administrator & Practitioner Profile Set Up

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Administrator Profiles

Below are the items that require set up to ensure you have access to HCAI tabs and options throughout the site.  Keep in mind that the User Type must allow access to HCAI tabs.

1. Go to Settings>Administrators.

3. Click the blue icon to the left of the administrator and click it to open or select Edit.

4. Select the Preferences link.

5. Make selections for these 2 fields:

a. HCAI Notifications Dashboard Tab - Set to Yes

When your site is set up to communicate with HCAI you will see an HCAI Admin tab appear on your dashboard. Ensure each administrators Preferences are set correctly to show the tab.

When you click the HCAI Admin tab a details page will open with responses from HCAI.  

You will have an option to click the Open Plan link at the end of the item row and be directed to the patients Treatment Plan.

b. HCAI Notifications Default Filter - Set to Treatment Plans & Invoices.

6. Under the Item Hot Links section, beside the Enable Hot Links field select Yes from the drop down menu. This will allow you to see the Treatment Plan hotlinks when creating a quick invoice for a patient with a treatment plan.

7. Go to the bottom of the page and select Save.

Practitioner Profiles

Practitioner Profile Page - Practitioners Type.  You must have the Practitioner Type "Code" set up in the system correctly according to HCAI requirements.

1. First you must enter the code in the system by going to Settings>Practitioner Types>New Practitioner Type.

2. Under the Code Field.  The code must be identical to the one required by HCAI relating to the type of practitioner.

3. Below is a link to the list of practitioner codes.

HCAI tab

Ensure you have the correct Registry ID number on each Practitioners profile.

1. To locate the Registry ID # go to the Accounting tab.

2. Select the "Get Facility Info" button.

3. Select the Clinic name.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the pop.  Beside each practitioner there will be a Registry ID #.  Enter this number under the Practitioners Profile, HCAI page.

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