HCAI Portal Setup at www.hcai.com & PMS name

Mary Jane -

You need to be logged in as the Level Administrator to access these settings in Juvonno.

1. Log into HCAI.

2. Go to the Manage tab.

3. Click the Facility Management tab.

4. Scroll down to the field that reads Practice Management System Integration and set the field to Yes.

5. PMS Vendor name is GlobalOffice (no spaces)

6. PMS Username is your clinic (no spaces or characters). Has to be unique. (Found under Facility Identification Section, Facility Name).

7. Select Save. (If you have already created a password you will not see Save you see Reset Password).

8. Select Reset Password.

9. Record the Username and Password exactly as it's shown on the page.

10. Go to Global Office.

11. Go to Settings>Clinics & Edit the clinic.

12. Scroll to the HCAI fields located in the right side of the page.

13. Enter the Facility ID which can be found your HCAI portal Facility Management page.

14. Enter the Username.

15. Enter the Password then Save.

16. Then go to Accounting,  Health Claims for Auto Insurance section.

17. Module Settings, Enter the Facility # , Username, Password and Confirm the Password then Save.

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