Optometry Process

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Arrive the Patient

From the Schedule click on the appointment block and select Arrived.

The patients information will appear under the Arrived tab.

You are able to start Charting immediately from the Arrived page.



While in a chart, if you want to copy information that was entered from a previous encounter under the Previous column, click the field you want to copy.  It will automatically populate to the left side of the encounter.

Refraction / Phoropter BC section

1. Device field: Select the eye profiler (Get Data) button. This will populate the data to Juvonno.

2. Select Apply Changes or Save.

Dispensing History Tab

Within the patients profile there is a Dispensing History Tab.  You will see every order and pair of glasses the patient has purchased. You can also search and filter categories.

Ocular R Tab
This is where you can see what has been prescribed and where you can prescribe a prescription.

Medical Tab
You can use the type ahead feature under Name & Generic Name (names of drugs)and select the Dosage, etc.

Dispensing (creating an order)

1. Accounting>Dispensing>New Order.

Note: After entering the patients name you will see several other tabs that contain patient information.

2. Start entering an order for a pair of glasses, as an example.

3. Prescription(1) section: Select a prescription from the Load rx drop down menu.  The details of the prescription will populate.

4. Select the Index and Material. This information is very important these entries are used in searches to filter the lenses.

5. Frames (1) Enter a frame.

6. Select Lenses. When there's a red Options button you need to select an option.

7. Click Done. The options button will turn green.

8. Select Copy for the 2nd eye if it’s identical.

9. You can also order a Part.

10. Select Add Glasses, Add Contact Lenses, Add Part depending on the patients needs then Checkout.

Sales Orders

1. Go to Accounting>Dispensing>Sales Orders.

2. The Sales Order page lists the orders you created.
3. You will see an Order button which is used to actually create the order.

4. When you select Order the system creates the Purchase Order to the Vendor.

5. The Order Button becomes the Order #. You can click on the order to view it.

6. On the right hand side of the page select the “Update” button to change a status.

7. When the order comes in, the administrator can select the status as ready for example. The clinic can call the patient and say the order is ready to pick up.

8. To see Sales Orders in a patients profile, open the patients profile, click the Charts tab. Select the +Add. Click the Dispensing History tab.

9. To see the purchase orders associated with the sales order, go to Accounting>Purchaser Orders.

Suspending Orders

If the patient wants to wait to place their order you can Suspend (save the order). When the patient is ready to order go to Accounting>Dispensing>Suspended Transactions. Click the blue icon to the left of the item and select Continue Transaction.

Dispensing/Contact Lens Care tab

You can fit and refit from this page. Some clinics have patients try lenses called "Trial Sets".


1. Under the Trials section, click the Go button.

2. Select a set of lenses for a patient to test.

3. If the prescription needs to be changed select New Trial.

4. Once you have selected the correct fit, set it as the default.

5. When you’re ready to set up the order to sell the item the system pulls the default contact lens as the order.

Entering Product Inventory

1. Go to Settings>Product & Services>New Lens.

2. Set up the product then go to the Lens Pricing tab.

5. Set up the spheres, cylinders and pricing. These are the prices that will appear when you are creating a new order for a patient.

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