Resources booking (equipment & treatment rooms)

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Resources can be used if you have several practitioners and rooms that have to be booked for specific time periods. 

You can also book equipment such as a Laser a practitioner needs to perform a treatment. 

Enable System Settings

Resource options will appear under the Practitioners Availability page. The Resources will appear on the appointment booking popup according to the settings you select.

1. Go to the Settings>General>System.

2. Scroll down to the Resources section. Enable the following sections as per your clinic requirements: Enable Resource Scheduling, Assign Practitioners to Resources and/or Multiple Resources per Appointment.

Note: You do not have to assign resources to a practitioner in order to use them.

Create the resources you will be using in the clinic.

1. Go to the Settings>Resources>New Resource.

2. Code: Enter a code you’d like to use.  Perhaps you have a treatment room that is specifically for physiotherapy exercise treatments.  You could use the code “gym”. Or you have a High Tensity Laser you could use the code HTL.

3. Name: Enter a name of the resource.  Example: Room 1, Room 2, Ultrasound, Laser.

6. Clinic: Select the clinic from the drop-down menu.

7. Scheduling Interval: Select from the drop-down menu.

8. Concurrent appointments: If you only have 1 piece of equipment you will not be able to schedule it for more than 1 treatment.

9. Description: Type a description. Optional then “Save”.

Note: If you want to delete an entry, you will NOT be prompted to confirm you want to delete the entry.

Set Resources for a Practitioner (this is optional)

1. Under the practitioners Availability you will see a Resource section where you can assign resources to a practitioners schedule Monday to Sunday.  Select the days the practitioners could be using the resource and Save.

2. When you schedule an appointment there will be an option to select a Resource. When you select this option the Resource schedule will show the booking.

Resource Dashboard

You are able to set your dashboard to view both the Resources Schedule and the Practitioner Schedule.

If you want to view both go to the Practitioner Profile>Edit>Preferences>Dashboard - set to Resources then Save.

When you view the Schedule you will have an option to view the Resource or the Practitioner Profile located in the top right corner of the page.


1. If you are booking from the Resource Schedule and have not assigned practitioners to a Treatment Room you must remember to select the Practitioner name when booking the appointment or it will not be scheduled with the Practitioner.

2. If you are booking from the Practitioner Schedule and have not assigned practitioners to a Treatment room you must remember to select a Resource Room or it will not be booked.



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