Billing (9 Videos)

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1. Complete and invoice (AR Balance button)

a. Hover over the appointment on the Schedule>Click the patient name>Complete & Invoice>Checkout>Save.

b. Homepage>Billing tab>Select items to create a bill>Click down arrow beside the Quick Invoice button (top right corner of the page)>Select Bill Selected.


2. How to invoice a patient using 2 payment types


3. Create a Quick Invoice


4. Set up & invoice insurance

a. Settings>Forms>Select the forms you will be using.

b. Settings>Third Party Companies>Enter Third Parties>Select the Forms tab>Select the related Form so it populates when you Complete & Invoice.

c. Settings>Patient Profile>Insurance tab>New Insurance>Enter Details>Save.

d. Policy rules must be set up.

e. Complete & Invoice>Check Insurance Details>Check out>Save.


5. Invoice 1 patient with 2 insurance records

6. Create Third Party Batch Invoices

Accounting icon>Create Batch Invoices.


7. Pay Invoices - Using the Batch feature


Go to Accounting>Invoice Search. 


8. How to void a transaction

There are several ways you can void a transaction.

  1. Current day transactions can be voided from clicking the Transactions tab.
  2. Patient Profile>History>History tab.
  3. Accounting>Invoice Search>Enter the invoice # or do a search.

For all of the above, click the blue icon to the left of the item, select Void. You will then be able to Invoice the item correctly from the schedule. 


9. How to correct/change a payment type

Patient Profile>History>Detailed Billing tab>Click the blue icon to left of the item.

Select Change Payment Type>Select the Payment Type>Save.


If the transactions happened on the current day:

Go to Transaction tab>click the blue icon to the left of the item>View Payments>click the blue icon to the left of the item>Change Payment Type.


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