Email & Notification System Settings

Mary Jane -

1. Setting the System Default

a. Go to Settings>General>System>Scheduling - Scheduling section.

b. Default Patient Reminder field: Make a selection from the drop down menu.

c. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save.


You can override the system default by going to the patient profile General page "Default Reminder" field and making a selection.

You can override the default reminder that is set in the patients profile reminder default field when booking an appointment from the appointment booking popup Patient Reminder field. 

2. Email & Notification Reminder Content

a. Go to Settings>General>System>Email & Reminders>Appointment Emails section.

b. Patient Booking Notification & Reminder Message section.  Global Office automatically populates the appointment date, time and name of practitioner within the reminder and notification.  The Patient Name is not provided for privacy reasons.

You can add your cancellation policy, clinic hours, directions, parking details, promotions, discounts, indicate new staff or products & services you offer etc.  This information will also appear on the patient Notification. The notification must be set to send by going to Setting>General>System>Scheduling>Appointment Emails section>Standard Booking - Patient Booking Notifications.

3. Select Clinic & Patient Emails & Notifications

a. Go to Setting>General>System>Scheduling.

b. Scroll down to the Appointment Emails Section.

c. Select which Notifications you want to receive and send for the Portal and Standard Booking.


d. When finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and Save.

4. More than 1 clinic

a. If you have more than 1 clinic set up in your system and you want different content for each clinic email, go to Settings>Clinics>Open the clinic.

b. Enter the custom email details under the Email Content section and Save.

c. Go to Settings>General>System>Email & Reminders>Appointment Emails section and enter this tag {cliniccontent}. The content you enter under each clinic will automatically be sent as long as you have the correct clinic selected when you book the appointment for the patient.



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