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Copy Last Chart

You cannot copy Notes.

Practitioners are able to copy their own charts only.

The Practitioner must be logged in with their own Practitioner username and password in order to copy a chart.

A Practitioner who is unable to copy a chart may have deselected the item under the Chart tab on their Profile. To check if the chart is selected go to Practitioners profile>Chart tab Locate the chart and make sure the check box is selected then Save.

Administrators are unable to copy a chart.


If you have edited a custom built chart you will not be able to copy the last chart until you have created 1 new chart.

Due to college requirements you are unable to delete a chart once you have saved it.

When editing charts the system creates a new version each time you edit and save the document.


Selecting Charts to be used in patients profiles

You must select the charts each Practitioner and/or Administrator will be using.

1. Go to Settings>Practitioners or Administrators.

2. Open the Employee profile>Chart tab.

3. If you have created any custom chart templates they will appear at the top of the page under the Custom Form Editor section.

4. Check the boxes beside all Charts the employee will be using.


Where to view and create Charts in the patients profile

1. Open the Patients Profile>Chart tab.

2. Click the "+Add" button then select the "Observations" tab.

Charts you selected in the practitioners and administrator profiles will appear as tabs.


Practitioners should log in using their Practitioner Username and Password to ensure the chart default name appears correctly and that you are able to Copy Last Chart.

If you don't see a chart in the patient profile that you want to use make sure you have it checked off under your employee profile "Charts" tab.

Chart Tab  on Dashboard visible for Practitioners (not available to Administrators)

Practitioners can have access to view a Chart tab on the Home page.

To enable the Chart tab go to the Practitioners Profile Page>Track Appointment Charting>Yes and Save.

When the practitioner logs in they will see the tab.

Create a Complaint to add to a Chart

You're able to attach a specific complaint to a chart.

1. First create the complaint by going to the patients Intake tab.

2. In the Complaint History section select Add and create the complaint then Save.

3. Go to the Patients Chart tab and select "Add" to create a new chart.

4. Select the associated complaint located down the left hand side of the chart.


Create a Chart in a patients profile

1. Go to the Patients profile>select Charts>Add.

2. The Charts you have selected under your profile will appear under the Observations tab.

3 Complete the chart details. Select Apply Changes button to save as you go. Attach a complaint if it's applicable.

4. Select the Save button when you have completed creating the chart.

5. The Chart will save under the Chart tab. You will have a few options after saving. You can Edit/View Chart, Add a Document, Add a Note and Lock the chart.

6. Create a PDF file by selecting the Export to PDF option.

7. You can Fax a chart if you have the module enabled on your system.

How to add a document to a chart

1. Go to the patients profile.

2. Select Charts.

3. Open the Chart you want to attach the document to.

4. Select the document tab.

5. Browse for the document you have upload to your computer.

Where to locate the chart option throughout the site

1. From the patients appointment scheduled on the Home page. You can access previous charts or select new chart.

2. Under the Patients Profile, Chart tab.

3. Open the Quick patient look up tab located on the right hand side of the Home page. Charts are located at the bottom of the popup window.

4. From the Charting tab located on the Home page (this tab only appears when you are logged in as a Practitioner if you have it enabled under your practitioner profile).

Restricting Access to Charts

This can be done in a number of locations throughout the site.

1. The Practitioner & Administrators Profile

a. Login tab.

b. Under the User Type. Select the appropriate User Type you created that you set the charts item to restricted.

2. The Practitioner Profile

a. Login tab.

b. Patient Profile Access field. Use this setting to select if the practitioner has access to:

• All Patient Profiles

• Only when I am the default practitioner

• When I am assigned to an active treatment plan.

3. Practitioner and Administrator profiles

a. Practitioner Access tab.

b. Under the Individual Practitioner Access Section – Add an individual employee and select if they will view charts and/or the schedule.

Or use

Primary Group Access Section – Add a staff group and select to view charts and/or the schedule.

NOTE: the User Type set for each employee will override a view chart setting in this section.

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