Products & Services (Set up after Departments & Categories)

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You must have the following items set up:

1. First set up your Departments and Categories before creating Product & Service items.

2. Appointment Durations: Settings>Appointment Durations>Add a Duration. These durations will automatically apply the duration you select within a product and service to the Schedule when booking a patients appointment.

If you do not want to use custom durations you can edit the system setting by going to Settings>General>System>Scheduling>Scheduling section>Custom Appointment Durations.

You can override appointment durations when scheduling an appointment.


1. Go to Settings>Products & Services>New Item.

2. Select a "Department" from the drop down menu (previously set up).

3. Then select a "Category" from the drop down menu (previously set up).

4. Type the "Name" of the Product or Service.


Department Service /Category Massage / Item Name - 30 minute massage

Department Product / Category Orthotics / Item Name - Custom Orthotics

5. Enter an "Item # or the system  will assign a number in this field which you can change.

6. You're able to add a "SKU: SKU2" if they apply.

7. "Unit of Measure Quantity" can be applied (for Hcai users see the HCAI section for further details on how to set this up).

8. Additional information can be added such as Color: Size: Cubic Size: Weight. These fields are just for your own reference.

9. Enter the "Cost" to you.

10. Enter the "Retail" price to patients.

11. Type in a "Description".

12. You're able to adjust the "Tax Type" from making a selection from the drop down menu.  "Inherit from the department" relates to the tax you set under the Department you select for the product & service item.

You can override the the Tax setting you selected under the Department within the product & service.


Department is Services, you set the department default tax to GST & PST.

You create a new Product & Service - Department is Service but this particular item does not have tax, at the bottom of the item page select the "No Tax" option and Save.

13. If the item should be tracked for inventory, select "Yes" under "Inventory Tracking".  An "Inventory" tab will be available for you to receive and adjust inventory. See the Inventory section for more details.

14. Covered by Insurance: Select “Yes” or “No”.

15. Service Duration: Select a duration from the drop down menu.  This will automatically block the correct time on the practitioners schedule when an appointment is booked. 

16. If you want the item to be "Booked from Portal" select "Yes".  The portal must be enabled. (Contact Sales).

17. Loyalty Program: Select the box if the program applies to the item.

18. Practitioner Type: Select from the drop-down menu. To set up a “Practitioner Type” go to the Settings>Practitioner Types>New Practitioner Type.

19. "Apply to Schedule Types" is used to filter the types of Products & Services a patient can book with a specific practitioner in the portal.

To add additional schedule types for booking through the portal select the blue “Add” button. Select the Schedule Types available to the portal.

Keep in mind Practitioners who have these Schedule Types assigned to them will show this item as available to be booked in the portal.


Product & Service item - 30 minute Massage

Dr. King has the Massage schedule type applied to his profile.

Dr. Adam has the Massage schedule type applied to his profile.

If you select the "Massage" schedule in this instance, both practitioners will show as available to book this 30 minute Massage item in the portal.

20. The "Product Groups" setting is optional.  If you chose to use product groups it allows you to further filter reports and apply a product to multiple groups.

21. "Attributes" select “Name” and “Options” from drop down menus. To add additional attributions click the blue “+Add Attribute” button.

22. Select “Apply”.  

After saving an item you will have access to more tabs to further define the product & service.

Vendors tab - Define information about the "Vendors" providing products.

Inventory tab
This section allows you to set product inventory parameters.  You can adjust the total inventory on hand as well.  To ensure you track inventory make sure you have selected "Track Inventory" - "Yes" within a product.

Image tab - Upload an image of an item.

History - View changes and sales for the product.


If there are NO Product Categories attached to the department you are able to select “Delete”. You’ll be prompted to confirm you want to delete the product department. Select “Ok”.

You are unable to delete a department you have assigned Product Categories to.  You must first go into Product Categories and reassign each item to a new Product Department or delete items altogether.  You are then able to delete a Product Department.

Clone - You are able to clone product & service items.

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