Practitioner & Administrator Profiles - whats the difference?

Mary Jane -

There differences between the type of Employee Profiles you can create.

Example: If the owner/s of the clinic is a Practitioner and an Administrator, you should set up both a Practitioner and Administrator profile. Reasons are listed below.

Practitioner Profiles:

Must be used by Practitioners in order for them to take advantage of features only available at this profile level.

  1. Copy Last Chart is only available to Practitioners.
  2. Charts will default to the Practitioner Name.
  3. Chart Tab on the Dashboard is only available to practitioners.
  4. Practitioners are only available to be viewed in the patient portal.
  5. Schedule Types are only accessible to Practitioners.
  6. You can restrict features and access to clinic reports from practitioners if necessary.

With full access to the system these rules apply:

A Practitioner is unable to change user types information under their Login tab. 

Unable to edit Administrator profile information however they are able to edit other practitioner profile information other than the login page.

Administrator Profiles:

These are used to "Manage/Administrate" the system. 

  1. Set up products & services, add and edit employee profiles.
  2. Perform Provincial Billing functionality.
  3. These profiles can be restricted from viewing patient charts and blocked from other features and clinic reports if necessary by setting up the User Type appropriately under Settings>User Types.

Employee Profiles:

These profiles have limited access to the system.  We suggest setting up employees who will be using the system only at an administrative level, as an Administrator.

If the employee requires minimal access to the system then you can use this option.




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