Practitioners & Administrators (6 Videos)

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Note:  We suggest only using the “Employee” option if you want to restrict the individual to having very little access to features, options etc.  For administrators, we recommend using the Administrator profile.


  1. How to create a Practitioner/Administrator profile and set up availability

  1. Go to Settings>Practitioners or Administrators>New.
  2. Login tab: Set up a User name/Password>Select a User Type. (User Type must already be created).
  3. Assign 1 or more Schedule Types to the Practitioner. (1 Schedule Type must already be created).
  4. Preferences: Select the correct Dashboard.
  5. Practitioner Access: Select Practitioners individually or by Staff Group to view their schedules and/or charts. (Staff Groups must already be created).
  6. Availability for Practitioners: From the Practitioner Profile Select the Availability tab.


  1. Quick steps to view practitioner schedules on the dashboard


  1. Setting up User Types

  1. Settings >User Types>New User Type.
  2. Add User Type to Practitioner Profile>Settings>Practitioners>E >Edit Practitioner>Login tab>User Type – select from the options>Save.


  1. Setting up ScheduleTypes

Setting up a new schedule type and assigning it to a practitioner.


  1. How to set up GoWebmail

The Employee must be logged into their own profile under the GoWebmail tab to set this up.


  1. How to change Practitioner schedule intervals

  1. Practitioner Profile Page>Scheduling Interval field>Select the interval.
  2. You must set up a new Availability record whenever you change the interval.
  3. Select the Availability tab.


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