Insurance Forms & Third Party Contacts

Mary Jane -

GoHealth has dozens of Insurance forms uploaded to the system that populate patient and appointment information.

To use the forms you must select which ones your patients frequently use.

1. Go to Settings>Forms & Letter section - Forms.

2. Click the boxes beside the forms you will be using for example Great West Life and "Save".

Now you have create the insurance under the Contacts section.

1. Go to Settings>Companies & Contacts section - Third Party Companies>New Third Party Company.

2. Under the Name field enter, for example, Great West Life. Add other contact information and address etc.

3. Click the "Forms" tab. All the forms you selected to use for patients will appear.

Select the boxes for Great West life if you want the form to be "Active" within the patients profile and "Auto Gen" if you want the form to auto generate when you are checking the patient out then "Save".

The next step is to set up Insurance in the patients profile.

NOTE: We suggest you do not delete insurance companies you create in order to accurately create reports.

Third Party Groups

You can create third party groups to assist with batch billing.



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