Patient Discounts

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You can set up discounts by assigning a Patient Group Discount or a discount per patient.

Create a Patient Group

Note: You are only able to add a patient to 1 Group.  You may want to use the second method of applying discounts per patient below.

1. Go to Settings>Patient Groups>Add New Group.

2. Type in the Group name and other details that apply then Save.

3. Go to Settings>Products & Services.

4. Click the blue item to the left of the item you want to add a Patient Group Discount to, select Edit.

5. Click the Patient Group Prices tab. Click the blue icon to the left of the item and select Edit.

6. Enter the total discount price to the Override field and Save.

7. Now go to the Patients Profiles. .On the General tab select the group from the drop down options in the "Group" field located on the top right side of the page then Save.

8. When you complete and invoice the item attached to that group the patient will receive a discount.


Apply a Discount per Patient

1. Go to Patients Profile> Discount tab.

2. Make a selection from the options available and apply the discount by the dollar or percentage amount then Save.

3. When you bill the patient for that item they will receive a discount according to the parameters you set.


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