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If you have backdated any payments on the current day they are not reflected in the current Day End report.

Backdated payments will appear on the Day End report for the date you entered under the Summary section but not under the Transaction page listing.

Use the Payment Received Report and Sales Reports.

2. STRIPE Batch billing /Pay receivable balance.

If you are using the Stripe payment gateway you have to pay each invoice individually.  You cannot pay an AR balance. 

After a patient has completed their appointment you will create their invoice.

You can create third party forms and invoices (insurance, lawyer billing etc.) if the patient has insurance coverage and invoices for balances the patient owes.

Patients with Insurance: There are some sections that must be set up first in order to bill insurers.  See the Insurance section for more details. NOTE: Settings>Forms and Settings>Third Party Insurance as well as the Patient Profile>Insurance tab must be set up first before you can invoice insurance.

TIP: If you are billing any third party including lawyers they must first be set up under Settings>Forms and Settings>Third Party Insurance.

Complete & Invoice

1. From the schedule, click the patient appointment block you want to invoice and select "Complete and Invoice".

NOTE: If the patient has insurance coverage, you can select it under the Insurance field or you could have selected it when you booked the patient appointment.

2. Edit appointment information if necessary.  You are able to change an item total if your System Settings have been set up to allow the amount to be edited at the point of check out.

3. "Checkout".

4. Go through the receive payment steps, following the prompts.

5. If the patient wants to receive their invoice by email, select the email invoice to patient option then Save.

6. If insurance has been selected, the insurance form will open with the patients information populated. You're able to print the form. The form will also save in the patients profile under their "Forms" tab. You can create the form at any time.

NOTE:  Claim appointment is for Provincial Billing only.

More than 1 payment type

A patient may want to pay using both Cash and Credit Card.

1. Select Complete & Invoice>Checkout.

2. Complete the details for the first payment type you are going to receive for example, Cash. Enter the amount of the Cash payment.

3. From the "Save Actions" located in the bottom right corner of the popup select "New Payment". This will allow you to enter a second payment type.

4. Select Save and confirm the payment information is correct.

5. A second Receive Payment popup will open.  The balance owing will appear. Select the invoice, select the second payment type for example, Debit.

6. Save. The invoice will indicate the 2 types of payment received.

Complete & Invoice using 2 insurance companies

1. Select Complete & Invoice>Checkout.

2. The first insurance company portion will be created when you select Save.

3. A second Receive Payment popup will open.  Beside the "Paid By" field select "Third Party Coverage".

4. A "Third Party" field will open. Select the 2nd Insurance from the drop down menu and "Save".

NOTE: The system will create 2 invoices, 1 for each insurance company. Each invoice will reflect the portion they owe. The portion they do not cover will show as owed by Patient.

Pay AR Balance

When a patient has a receivable balance it will appear beside the button "Pay AR" balance on the Receive Payment popup.

If during the check out process, the patient wants to pay the AR balance you can select the AR button.  The balance owing will be added to the total the patient owes.


a. Waived Amount and Bad Debt amounts: These items appear on the Bad Debt and Adjustment reports. You will use these reports to give to your accountant for tax purposes.

b. Stripe Payment Gateway users: You cannot pay AR balances you must pay invoices individually.

Customizable Payment Types

You are able to create your own payment types for example "Payment not received" etc.

Go to Settings>Payment Types.

At the bottom of the page you will see several options titled Generic Payment. Edit the Generic payment field and Save. 

The payment option you enter will appear to select during the complete & invoice process.

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