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There are a number of ways a credit appears for a patient.

1. Gift Cards are credits (See the Gift card section for complete instructions).

2. Going to Home>Accounting>Billing section - Enter Payments.

3. Going to Home>Accounting>Credits section - New Credit.

4. From an Over Payment.

2. Enter Payments

a. Go to Home>Accounting>Billing section - Enter Payments.

b. Select Patient from the drop down menu.

c. Enter the patient name, type of payment, amount etc.

d. Select "Review".  This pop up allows you select Post Payments or Add More Payments.

When you select Post Payments the amount you entered will appear as a credit on the patients profile under the History, Credit tab.

Add More Payments - you can add additional payments for the patient.

e. The credit will appear under the Patients Profile>History>Credits tab.

3. New Credit

a. Go to Home>Accounting>Credits section - New Credit.

b. Enter the Patients Name, select the Clinic, enter the Date and Amount of the credit and enter Notes if you like then "Save".

To see the credit go to the Patients Profile>History>Credits tab.

4. Over payments create a Credit

When a patient gives you an over payment upon checking out it will appear as a credit under their profile credit tab.

How to pay an invoice or partial invoice with a credit

1. When you select Complete & Invoice>Checkout you are prompted at the top of the pop up the patient has a credit.

2. Beside the "Paid By" field, select Credit>select the Credit #.

3. The credit balance will appear. Type the total $ amount you use in the Payment Amount field.

4. At the bottom of the page select Save or from the "Save Actions" drop down options select "New Payment" if the client is using more than 1 payment type.



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