Purchase Orders

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How to create a Purchase Order

1. Go to Accounting>Purchase Orders>New Purchase Order>New Purchase Order.  A blank New Purchase Order form will open.


Go to the Accounting page, from the Purchase Order section select New Purchase Order.

2. Vendor #: This will populate if you have entered a Vendor # when you select a Vendor or if you know the Vendor # you can enter it or you can click the Go button to make a selection.

3. Vendor Name: Start typing the name of the Vendor or select from the Vendor list you entered under Settings. If you entered a Vendor # in the record when you created it it will auto populate int he Vendor # field.

4. Staff: Select from the drop-down.

5. Clinic: Select the clinic if you have more than 1 location.

6. New Item: Select the “New Item” button to add additional items to the order.

7. Notes: Include notes if applicable. These notes will appear on the bottom of the Purchase Order.

8. Save Actions: Select from the drop-down menu.

9. Under Accounting, Purchase Orders the Status will appear as New.

10. After you saved the purchase order you'll be able to print it and send to the vendor.  The Status field under Purchase Orders will show as "New".

11. From the list of Purchase Orders, click the blue icon to the left of the item and select "Print" to confirm you have completed the order. The status field will change to "Sent".

Inventory Updates

After Saving the new purchase order the # of items you ordered will appear under the Product & Service item, under the Inventory tab. The total ordered will appear under the On Order column.



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