Create your own template Letters

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Create your own template letters and auto-populate patient demographics and practitioner details.

Go to Communication>New Letter or Settings>Letters>New Letter.

To locate a list of letters you created while logged in as Practitioner go to Settings>Practitioners. Beside the name of the Practitioner click the drop down arrow and select Letters.

Before you get started creating your letters you may want to first create a letterhead that will auto populate onto the letter.

1. Go to the Settings>Letters>Letterheads>New Letterhead.

2. Enter a Name for the letterhead for example "Generic" you could use this letterhead for all letters.

3. A blank Letterhead form will open with a Header and a Footer section.

4. On the right side of the page there's Form Fields section. Click the Header section, click the tag, for example, Logo, the Logo you uploaded to under your system settings will populate on the letter when you create it.

5. Click the Footer section, select tags and/or type your address, phone number, fax number etc. then "Save".

Now you're ready to create a template letter.

1.  Select Letters>New Letter.

2. Name: Type the name of the letter for example "Referral Letter".

3. Type: Select Text. We suggest using this format so you have quick and easy access to editing the template. However you could use the Word option and create a separate letter document.

4. Name: Type the name of the letter.

5. Subject: Enter a subject.

6. Letterhead: Select the type of letterhead you want on the letter. You would have previously created this.

7. On the right side of the page there's a column called Form Fields. Click the links to open a list of tags that you can select to populate data from within the patient and practitioner profile.

8. On the left side of the page there is a blank form letter.  In the section called "Body" you will type the generic text and click the tags where you want them to be inserted within the letter.

TIP: Custom Text: You can add a custom text field to allow you to type in original text when you create a letter. Select "Other Fields" then Custom Text.

This tag will populate to your letter {goCustomText name='Name'}. Click the ! mark beside the custom field option in the letter to get more details.

This is how you will enter a Custom Text Line {goCustomText name='Diagnosis'}. When creating the letter you will see a field called Diagnosis and text box to type the custom content.

9. When you've finished "Save".

How to create the letter for a patient

1. Open the patients profile you want to create a letter for.  Select the Document tab.

Letters you create for the patient will be logged here.  You can Open, Fax Document, Download, Edit and Delete.

2. Select the New Letter button.  Select "Create Letter" or click the down arrow to select View Example.

3. When you select Create a pop up will open. Complete the letter fields to set up your letter.

If you've entered the "Complaints" tag and created a Complaint under the patients profile under their "Intake" section, you will be able to populate a related Complaint.

If you have entered the Custom Field tag you will be able to type the custom text in this section.

4. Select Preview, Generate or Save or Fax.

5. Previewing the letter will open the letter which will allow you to print it.

6. When you save it, the item will save on the documents list. You're able to select the letter and print.

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