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Mary Jane -

The Waiting List must be enabled in your system settings.  Go to Setting>General>System>Modules>Waiting List>Enable>Save.

You can add patients to the Waiting List and call them as appointments become available to ensure the patient confirms they are available.

You can also book a patient from the Waiting List directly on the appointment Cancellation popup.  Keep in mind the patient selected from the waiting list will receive an appointment reminder.  Ensure you contact the patient to allow them to confirm they are able to attend.

Add a Patient to Waiting List

1. Select the Waiting List icon.

2. Select "Add Patient to Waiting List". Enter the details for the patient then "Save".

3. When a patient cancels an appointment you get a Cancellation pop up window and a field to "Book from Waiting List".  Select a patient from the drop down list to book in that time slot.

You can add a Call or ToDo on your Dashboard reminding you to contact the patient to ensure they are able to attend.


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