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All employees have their own Dashboard where you can book appointments, create, view and take action on your Calls and To Do's list.

Actions you create in these sections are recorded in the patients profile under the "Correspondence" tab under the Calls & To Dos section.

1. From the Home page select the "My Dashboard" icon.

2. On the right side of the page are the "Calls" and "To Do's".  Both these sections function the same. 

3. To create an action click the + button within the section. You are able to create actions on behalf of other employees.

4. Template: You can create Task Templates by going to Settings>System Entities & Type Section>Task Templates. Once you have created the Task Template you can start typing a word in the Template field. The description will auto populate to the description section. Save.

Enter the Template Name and a description that will populate to the Memo section then Save.

5. Alert field: Set an alert to remind you of an action.

Complete the form according to the action you need to take then "Save".  The action will appear on the dashboard of the employee the action has been assigned to.

6. Click the blue icon to the left of the item for more options: View Action, Quick Patient View, Patient Profile, Complete and Dismiss.

7. If you want to perform an action on more than 1 item at a time, select the check boxes beside each item before selection an action.


The setting to see how far into the future the items appear, open your own profile and click the "Preferences" tab.  Edit the Action and Follow Up Display Days field then "Save".



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