Booking a Practitioner Away for the Day

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Does a Practitioner need to be booked 'Away' for a day in the future or due to unforeseen circumstances?

Use the 'Away' feature on the Clinic Schedule to not allow appointments to be booked on the Practitioners schedule.


There are a number of ways you can block time off on the schedule for a practitioner.

  1. Using the Away feature
  2. Daily Availability Overrides
  3. Stat Holidays
  4. Employee Vacations/Holiday Calendar


Set Up the User/Administrators Ability to Schedule Practitioners as Away

You can restrict employees from booking Away's for other employees through their User Type. To edit a user type, go to Settings>User Types> Edit the User Type>Scheduling section - Manage Scheduling Aways.  Edit the field then "Save".




How to create an Away on the Schedule

Click the down arrow located beside the Practitioners Name at the top of the schedule and select "New Away".


Fill out the following fields:

Type: Break, meeting, unavailable, notice, end of the day, tentative, other




NOTE: If you book an All-Day away for several days and want to remove the Away the entire block will be removed. You cannot remove 1 day within the block.





Recurring same day/same time

When creating the Away select a From and To date. The away will be booked every day within the time frame.


How to remove an away

Click the "Away or Break" link on the date and time you want to remove it.


Select the "Remove" button.


NOTE: This will remove all the recurring Aways you booked within that Away block.







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