Staff (Practitioner/Administrators Preferences Tab)

Mary Jane -

Some of the items listed below will only appear on Practitioner profiles as they do not apply to Administrators.

Go to Settings>Practitioners or Administrators>Open>Preferences tab.

1. Action & Follow-Up Display Days: This setting is related to the practitioner/administrator dashboard.  Set how many days into the future you want to see Calls & ToDos.


2. Dashboard: This setting should always be on "My Practitioners". If you have more than 1 clinic set up in the system you can set this to "Clinic Practitioners" in order to switch between clinic schedules. A drop down selector will appear on the schedule when using this setting.


3. Time between appointments: Set up an automatic break to appear after each appointment block that is booked.


4. Profile Picture: This photo will be viewed in the portal.


5. Signature: Upload a signature you want to appear on the practitioners invoices.


6. Item Hot Links: Set this to yes if you would like to set up quick links to frequently used Products & Services. A Hot Link button will appear in the patient appointment booking pop for this practitioner to select from.


TIP: Ontario HCAI - Set this field to Yes.


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