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Practitioner Profile Set up

Go to Settings>Practitioners>Commission tab.

TIP: Before you can set up Commissions in the practitioner profile you must have your Products & Service created first.

1. While in the Practitioner profile, select the Commission tab then "New Rate".

2. Type Field: Select the type of commission the rate will be based on (Product, Category or Department).

3. Then select the Product, Category or Department.

4. Calculation Field: Select if the commission is based on the Profit or the Total.

5. Calculation Type: Select Flat or Percentage.

6. Amount: Enter the amount then "Save".


Commission Report, Approving Pending Commissions, Recording a Commission payment


Create a Commission Report by going to: Reports>Sales Section- Commission for Specific Practitioners. Under the Accounting section select Commission Payments.


To approve Pending Commissions go to Accounting>Commissions Section - Pending Commissions. Approve commissions when you want to calculate payment for a practitioner.  From the Pending Commissions page, select the Practitioner name, date range then Search.   



NOTE: You do not have to use this option but if you want to calculate commissions based on selecting the items you want to pay at specific times you are able to manage that process through this feature.

Select the check boxes to the left of the items you want to approve to pay a commission.

On the right hand side of the page select the "With Selected" Approve select the "Go" button.

3. Pay Commissions: In the top right corner of the page select the "Commissions Payable" option or go to Accounting>Commission Section - Commissions Payable. Select the Practitioner name and Search.

A list of the approved commissions will appear on the list.  

4. Record a Commission Payment:  From the Commissions Payable (Accounting>Commissions Section - Record a Payment) page select the check box to the left of the item/s if you want to "Pay the Commission".  Beside the "With Selected" Record Payment option select the "Go" button.  An Accounting / Commissions Record Payment popup will appear where you can enter the details to pay the practitioner. 


If you are using the commissions feature for any practitioner within your system, we strongly suggest you only refund invoices rather than voiding or editing to ensure the commission report reflects correctly.


DO NOT edit the practitioner name on invoices from the Accounting, Invoice Search page as it will not update the commissions.

If you have already invoiced a patient and gone to Pending Commissions, Approved the Commissions and/or Paid a commission you must REFUND the invoice using a quick invoice. 

When refunding the item make sure, under the Product & Services section where you enter the item/service you are refunding you add a minus sign before the number in the Qty column of the invoice, this will create a negative amount.

Then go to Accounting>Pending Commissions, locate the item, select the box to the left of the item and select Approve from the "With Selected" options.

Go to Reports, Commissions by Practitioner.  You will see the negative amount that should NOT be paid to the practitioner.

Commission Payments report will not show the payment any longer.

If you have NOT Approved a commissioned item and want to void it, go to Accounting, Pending Commissions, locate the item, select the check box to the left of the item, from the "With Selected" drop down options box on the right select Void.





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