Staff (Practitioner/Administrator Access Tab)

Mary Jane -

Go to Settings>Practitioners>Practitioner Access Tab.

Before using this feature there are some items that need to be set up first.

  • At least 1 clinic. Settings>Clinics
  • At least 1 schedule type. Settings>Schedule Types
  • At least 1 staff group. Settings>Staff Groups

Individual Practitioner Access Section

In this section you are adding employees individually.

1. Select "Add Practitioner".

2. Select the individual Practitioner name you want the employee to see on the Schedule.

3. Select "Access Charts" and or "Access Schedules" depending on what you want the employee to have access to. Select "Add".



Primary Group Access

In this section you are adding employees according to the group they have assigned on their Profile Page in the Staff Group field.  This is a quick way to add an entire group. 

1. Click "Add Group".

2. Check the boxes beside Charts and/or Schedules you want the employee to have access to then select "Add".




Additional Group Scheduling Access

This section creates a drop down selector on your home page allowing you to access Groups or employees rather than showing them all on the standard schedule.  You can only use this section in conjunction with the My Practitioners dashboard.





The Preferences tab, Dashboard field should be set to "My Practitioners". If you have more than 1 clinic you will use the "Clinic Practitioners" dashboard.



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