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Webmail links the email address the employee enters in this section to Patient profiles, Correspondence tab. Emails are logged under the Emails Sent and Emails Received tabs.

System settings must be enabled to save Emails Sent and Emails Received in the patients profile under their Correspondence tab.  Go to Settings>General>System>Email and Reminders>Webmail Section - Outgoing Email/Save Incoming Email>Enabled - Yes>Save.

1. Go to Settings>Practitioners or Administrators>Open the Practitioner or Administrator profile.

2. Select the "GO Webmail" tab.

3. Enter a username.  This is the email address you will be using for examples johndoe@gmail.com.

4. Enter a password. This is the password you use to log into your email address.

5. Mail Server: Enter the type of mail server you are using (this is individual depending on the provider you are using and can be obtained by your IT representative). For example: Gmail is: ssl://imap.gmail.com.

NOTE: You do not need to click "Test Account Settings".

6. IMap: Select 1 of the 2 options from the drop down menu.


You may get an error when using Gmail. If you do get an error you will receive a text message to your phone from google notifying you of a suspicious login for security purposes at their end. You will be directed to google.com/blocked.

Go to google.com/blocked and select the link within the text that reads "If you think we mistakenly blocked you "Let us Know".  You will be directed to another page where you will be able to click "That's me".

You'll get another notification on the page that reads "Ok Got it".

7. In Global Office go to the "Communication" tab.

8. Select the "Email" option.  Enter exactly the same details you entered above, the Username (email address), Password and Server address .

9. Your email account will open under the Communication/Email page.You can now start sending email.

To save an email in a patients account the patient must have a valid email address on their profile page.

When you create the email the patients email address must be the main recipient or they must be copied on the email.

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