Email Communication (GoWebmail)

Mary Jane -

Go Webmail links the email address entered under the Practitioner GoWebmail tab with the email address entered on the Patient profile.

The following settings must be saved before you can Email your patients through GoHealth.

1. System settings must be enabled to save Emails Sent and Emails Received in the patients profile under their Correspondence tab.

Go to Settings>General>System>Email and Reminders>Webmail Section - Outgoing Email/Incoming Email>Enabled - Yes>Save.

2. Practitioners GoWebmail tab details must be saved (See Employee GoWebmail tab details for complete instructions on how to set this up). Go to Settings>Practitioners or Administrators>Open the Practitioner or Administrator profile>GOWebmail.

3. The patient must have a valid email address on their profile.
4. When creating an email, 1 of the recipients must be the email address on the patients profile in order for it to be saved in the patients profile, Correspondence tab.
There are several places you're able to compose an email on the system.
1. On the Home page, in the top right corner of the page select the envelope.
2. From the Communication>Email link down the left side of the page.
3. While in a patients profile, under their General page, Email field: there's a pen/paper icon to take you to email.

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