Message Feature (Internal communication)

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This feature works the same as any email messaging client however you are only able to communicate with employees who have profiles created on your system.

There are several places you can locate this feature:

a. From "My Dashboard".

b. By selecting the "Communication" link down the left side of the page then select "Messages".

c. Select the Pen icon located in the top right corner of the page.

d. Click the circle with the + sign located in the top right corner of the Home page dashboard. Under Tasks select Message.

The message centre provides you access to your Inbox, Sent, Compose, Deleted and Add Folders as well as you're able to search.

How to compose a new message

1. Go to My Dashboard>Select All Message. You are directed to the Message Centre and Select Compose.

2. Send to: Select from the drop down menu who you want the message to go to.


Individual: Type an individual’s name in this field. The individual must be set up as an employee.

Staff Group: You would have created Staff Groups under Settings>Groups & Categories>Staff Groups.

3. Select “+ Add A Recipient” to add additional names.

4. Title: Enter a subject.

5. Regarding Patient: Type a patients name for whom the message is concerning.  You can also chose from the “Search for a Patient” icon. The message will be stored in the patients profile under their "Messages" tab.

TIP: If you want to use this feature to send internal notices to employees you could set up a Patient name called Notices or Staff Meetings.

6. Priority: Select the urgency of your message.

7. Force View on Login: Selecting “Yes” will force the recipient to view the message upon logging into the system.

TIP: This feature must be enabled in your system settings. Go to: Settings>General>System>System>Other Section - Default Force Message Login>Yes>Save.

8. Message: Type the contents of your message then “Send”.

9. You will receive a prompt indicating the message was sent successfully, select “Ok”.



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