Arrived List

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When a patient arrives you may want to flag them to indicate to a Practitioner who is in a treatment room that their next patient is ready to be seen.

Arriving a patient puts them on the Arrived list.

Arriving a patient puts them under the Billing tab.

Flag a Patient as Arrived

1. From the Home page>Schedule, click the appointment block of the patient you want to flag as arrived. elect “Patient Arrived”. 


2. A colored border will appear around the appointment block.



4. The appointment will appear under the Arrived tab.



How to Remove an Appointment from Arrived list

1. From the Arrived list click the red x.




2. From the Home page, click the appointment block and select "Remove from Arrived".


You can also set an appointment to Finished when the appointment is complete.

2. From the Arrived list, select the check mark beside the item to flag it as “Appointment Finished”.  You are then ready to Complete and Invoice.





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