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NOTE: The Employee option has limited access to the site. We suggest using the Practitioner and Administrator employee profiles. You are able to grant and restrict access as needed.

1. Go to Settings>Practitioners or Administrators.

2. Select "New Practitioner" or "New Administrator".

a. Employee #: This number is for your own reference.

b. Practitioners #: This number will be used for Provincial Billing purposes.

c. Salutation: Select from the drop-down menu.  This field will populate fields within documents and letters.  This is how the staff member will be addressed in correspondence.

d. Credentials: Credentials will appear on invoices.

e. Group: Staff Groups must have been previously set up under Settings>Staff Groups>New Group.

f. Pager: Cell: Phone: Fax: Email Address: Enter contact information. These fields will populate in other areas of the site when creating correspondence.

g. Address: City: Province: Postal Code: Enter address information. 

h. Practitioner Type: These must have been previously set up under System>Practitioner Types>New Practitioner Type.

i. Default Clinic: Select from the drop-down menu. Would have previously been set up under Settings>Clinics.

j. Scheduling Interval: This shows appointment intervals on the schedule.  

k. Employment Start Date: Type in the date or select from the calendar located at the end of the field.

l. Holidays Granted: Type in the total number of holidays the employee is entitled to for the year if applicable.

m. Holiday Reset Date: Select “Start Date Anniversary” or “January 1st”.

n. Practitioners only. "Can Be Booked in Patient Portal" if set to Yes if the practitioner will show available to be booked in the portal if the portal is enabled.

o. Practitioners only. "Track Appointment Charting" A "Chart" tab will appear on the practitioners dashboard when this is set to Yes. 

p. Practitioners only. "GST #" if the practitioner has an individual # they want to appear on their invoices. (This may require some custom set up).

q. Practitioners only. Letter Signature: Type a signature for the staff member you want to appear on letter templates.  

r. Select Save or Apply.

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