Employees - Basic Steps to get started

Mary Jane -

When you get your new system an administrative profile will already be created. This profile has the highest level of access (Level 2) and is often used by the business owner. This level cannot be edited by any other level of access. Some healthcare billing passwords will only be available to this level of access.

The 2 most commonly used Profiles are Practitioners and Administrators. The Employee option has limited access.

Administrator Login: An employee must have an Administrator profile to modify/make changes to the site. We suggest that you do not chart patients while logged into an Administrator profile.

Practitioner Login: Log in as a Practitioner when charting patients to allow all the defaults to show the practitioner name. If a practitioner is required to modify the site they should also have an administrator profile.

Set up the following items in your system before creating employee profiles.  The items below will appear as fields for you to select from while creating the profile.

1. Clinic information:

a. Go to Settings>Clinics>New Clinic or Edit an existing Clinic.

b. Also go to Settings>General>My Company Information.

2. User Types: At least 1 User Type must be set up in order to assign access to features. Go to: Settings>User Types. Select the check boxes granting/restricting reports and features. "Save".

3. Schedule Types: At least 1 Schedule Type must be set up in order to create Availability for Practitioners. This does not apply to Administrator or Employee profiles. Go to Settings>Schedule Types.

4. Practitioner Type: Create the types of Practitioners that work in your clinic.

TIP: HCAI Ontario only, You must have the correct Practitioner Type and HCAI code set up to avoid errors on a submission.


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